Sailing for Charity with The Wallis Family

One of the great joys of sailing is sharing the experience with others for the first time. We had the pleasure of taking the Wallis family out for a Friday evening sail on June 27th. This was the third of three sails that we donated to charity. Hosted by The Women of Flower Mound, the sail was a silent auction item to raise money to provide scholarships for Flower Mound graduating seniors.

The sail was an absolute blast and everyone had a great time. It was quite windy with sustained winds in the 20s and gusts to the upper 30s. So, we went with just the main sail to keep our ride from being too extreme for our guests.

This particular sail was also a first for me. I had just gotten a GoPro Hero3+ and was itching to try it out. So, I set it in different positions around the boat, captured lots of footage and cut¬†everything together in Adobe Premier. It was my first “real” video project. All in all, it came out pretty good though I did learn a number of things that I will take into the next project.

Enjoy the video, and until next time, happy sailing!

– Skipper Mike

[ For best viewing, click the HD icon in the Vimeo Player below]

Wallis Family Sail by Michael Glanton on Vimeo.

About Skipper Mike

I'm Skipper Mike. I am many things to many people: A husband, a father, a musician, a pilot, and an avid sailor. I first started sailing as a young boy when my dad bought a two man styrofoam sailboat at the Sears Outlet Store in South Dallas. We went sailing many times on White Rock Lake which is where I first learned to love the art of coaxing the wind into taking me where I wanted to go.... usually, no place in particular other than away from other worldly responsibilities! :)

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